I believe that photography is a way to engage with and reflect upon the world. It is an exploratory process aiming at unfolding the fabrics of life.

Furthermore, I believe that photography is a visual language, forming a dialogue not only between the photographer and the subject matter but also with the viewer the work resonates with.

My aim is to engage in this dialogue by creating works that evoke emotions and provide an opportunity to contemplate on life and its mysteries.

Adrian Rheinländer

lives and works in Berlin

There was a time when Adrian tried out animal photography. One of his excursions though, ended with him spending a night on a tree while the lions were growling below. The next project took him back to Berlin, to the city's allotments. Between the motorway and express train tracks, he portrayed the inhabitants of these gardens and soon found out that he was much more interested in the human species than in animals. This was followed by projects in Europe and South America and his long-term project "Aesthetics of Failure", on which he has been working since 2018.

Adrian studied at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin.


2019                            Finalist of the Fonds Régnier pour la Création (Paris) Exhibitions

2020                           Kunstverein Wiligrad (Group Show)

2019                            Reinbeckhallen Berlin (Group Show)

2019                            Photography Unlimited Berlin (Group Show)

2018                            Leopold Fiebig GmbH & Co KG (Solo Show)

2016                            Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin (Group Show)

2015                            Panke Gallery, `Ein Bild´, Group Exhibition (Group Show)



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Saarbrücker Zeitung


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